It’s the eve. The eve of things all Fall and Fairy. And despite three evil spells and a hex laid on our transport plus a disturbing hitch in the git along of someone’s vainglorious glamour, we are transported and constructed and all is made ready for a fun full weekend; with tents raised, banners flying, instruments being tuned and tested, warmed up by the bonfire.

Excitement is putting itself to bed now, mustering itself for great adventures tomorrow. Before too very long …come the early hours, …there will be mysterious, mouth watering smells sifting through the misty moisty morning tempting sounds of waking from sleepers, sretching limbs, a little creaky from today’s labors. Then with a delicious hot beverage and some hot buttered toast with rose petal jam, we are primed and ready for a couple of days of more fun than usual. It’s the fairy fair. The goblin market. Time to stretch your supernatural legs and flex (or find) wings you always wished for.

So bust out your bodacious finery … or come and find some new finery here. Find your fire, your fancy, your smile. Find feasting for your eyes, your belly and your heart. It’s fall. The colors are warmer. The air is drier. And there is magic in the air. Magic for you. It’s here and we’re making it specially for you. Can’t wait to see you!

Wild Hawthorn

@ First Ever Spoutwood Fall Fairy Festival

Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD

October 14 & 15

10am – 6pm

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