Moving the Magic

AllButHome300Due to circumstances beyond someone’s control…
(well, really, isn’t it all just totally out of everyone’s control …)

Our Brand Spanking New, Right Out of the Box, First Ever SPOUTWOOD FARM FALL FAIRIE FESTIVAL, alas, will NOT be at Spoutwood Farm.

Rather … just this once … it will be held at the illustrious site of the Maryland Faerie Festival: Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, MD; a huge and beautiful place with its own magical history; a history, which we will totally embellish for you, on the spot.

Here we come, our long, looping, sparkling parade of circus wagons, bright banners whipping the air like the tongues of an entire synod of holy dragons. We march and dance, a sequin line of brightly colored ants with heavily laden carts pulled by unicorns and dancing bears and giant pigs and bugs and beasts; horns blaring, feet barely touching the ground, so excited are we. It’s a strange and varied curlicue of conveyances full to bursting with every imagining of confections, contrivances and costumery, fit for fairy queen and king and knave and fool, goblin and ogre, warrior and maiden. We’re on our way to the Rambling Wood to erect a village of fantasy and frolicsome fun for just one short weekend: the 14th and 15th of October in this luminous year of our lore, 2017.

Hope you’re on your way too.
Adventure is afoot! Magic is moving!
Fall Fairie Festival someplace new!

Come see us!
@ Camp Ramblewood

2564 Silver Rd, Darlington, Maryland 21034



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