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Coming Down … Recovering … Regrouping … Blissed

The Opening was HUGE fun:  the weather, outstanding, and so many of you attended it was totally uplifting! Bubba bought me new winter boots (ones without any camouflage on them anywhere) and it was just cool enough to wear them.  … Continue reading

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Ready to Celebrate

So now, finally, it’s done.  All the paintings are painted; all the drawings, drawn.  Everything is signed and framed, logged and posted and I am ready. I even had my hair trimmed, got a manicure, had my toes painted and … Continue reading

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Great Heart

These two images are from a magical garden created by an amazing woman whom I met last year.  She has literally hundreds of varieties of daylilies plus multitudes of varieties of shrubs and flowers and trees, all of them healthy … Continue reading

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